Make your own softies

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Participants will make their own little companion.

We'll provide everything you need, and get you using your nimble little fingers (and a needle and thread). We start out with the softie shape pre-sewn, which needs to be stuffed and then his little hole is stitched up. Then it becomes all about turning him into a very unique little toy. A face, eyes (open or winking?) mouth, teeth, tongues, the options are endless. We've seen capes, skirts, veils, hearts, stars...


All materials supplied by Thread Den.


Mums, Dads & carers are always welcome at Thread Den. Do you want to do the class too? No problem, you can pay the same price and join the fun - or if it is a no sew class you are welcome to use the Sewing Lounge yourself while your wee ones take the class.