There are two ways to give a gift of the courses and workshops at Melbourne's iconic Thread Den. Below we've outlined all the details to help you choose the best option for you.

Giving a gift certificate

Allow your gift recipient to choose any course they wish with a gift certificate made out for an amount. Gift certificates are available in multiples of $25.


If you choose this option, you'll be redirected to our online store where you can pay with credit card or PayPal. A lovely gift certificate will be completed, popped into an envelope and shipped off in the post to your gift recipient. The promocode can be used to book into classes online and straight away. Gift certificates are valid for 12 months.

New Gift Certificate

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Gift a specific course

Alternatively, you can choose to gift some of our most popular courses. You'll be redirected to our course booking platform, where you can pay by credit card.


Your gift recipient will receive their course gift voucher by email and you can even choose what date you want them to receive that email. When the recipient receives the email, they can follow a link directly to the course description and use a code (found in their email) to book their chosen date for the course. This voucher is also valid for 12 months.


These courses and workshops can be gifted:

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