Since 2007 Thread Den has been teaching Melbournites how to sew, craft and create. Our most popular offering is the Sewing Basics for Beginners Course, where we teach people how to sew on a domestic sewing machine right from the very beginning.


Our sewing lounge has a full range of workshops so that blossoming sewists can continue to build their skills and make more and more. Most of the students that come to Thread Den work fulltime, so our workshops are run in the evenings and on weekends. We are not an accredited education facility, here it's just as much about a social and enjoyable experience, as it is about learning how to sew for yourself.


We host sewing lessons, craft classes and vintage glamour workshops. Oh, and we run the Thread Den market.


Meet the teachers:

Miss Lee

Private Lessons

With several teachers, we can offer quite a lot of flexibility with our private lessons. You can book private lessons with any of our teachers.


Once we've worked out times that work for you we confirm a teacher’s availability, setup a booking and email a payment link. It is necessary to have classes paid in full beforehand. Email us directly if you are looking to setup a private lesson.


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Way back in 2007 three young ladies had a wonderful idea to create a communal space for lovers of all things fashion and so created a unique kind of place in Melbourne, Australia’s first combined sewing lounge and retail store where stylish sorts could browse, buy or sew. As our classes and workshops became increasingly popular we stepped away from retail to focus on developing a strong program of exciting sewing and vintage projects.


In June 2012, Danielle (Melbourne's luckiest girl) took things over at Thread Den and became the new boss lady. The Thread Den Sewing Lounge with all its wonderful teachers, continues under her guiding eye. Over the years Thread Den has moved around a bit, starting in North Melbourne, moving to Fitzroy then Collingwood and now back on Brunswick Street. Our home is a beautiful studio with lots of warehouse windows and a balcony onto Brunswick Street . We continue to add new and different projects to our courses, run fun social opportunities to create in very good company and find excuses to dress up!


The Thread Den teachers have many years experience sewing, each has their own areas of specialty (or obsession). Enjoy their sewing experiences, successes and failures in your workshops - we all love to chat!