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Thread Den is a sewing lounge offering a full program for absolute beginners and blossoming sewers; we host sewing lessons, craft classes and vintage glamour workshops. Also, we run Melbourne's Mystery Market. Jump to our current class calendar by clicking here.


The teachers of Thread Den:

Amy Macdonald

Amy Skipper

Laura Thomey

Dan Bamford

Samantha (Knitting Guru)

Miss Lee (Vintage Vixen)

Jenni Thorman


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Way back in 2007 a three clever ladies had a wonderful idea to create a communal space for lovers of all things fashion and so created a unique kind of place in Melbourne, Australia’s first combined sewing lounge and retail store where stylish sorts could browse, buy or sew. As our classes and workshops became increasingly popular we stepped away from retail to focus on developing a strong program of exciting vintage inspired projects.


In June 2012 Dan (Melbourne's luckiest girl) took things over at Thread Den. The Thread Den Sewing Lounge with all its wonderful teachers, continues under her guideing eye.


"It was the desire to make myself a playsuit with my Mother-In-Law that kindled the fire in me. Then learning things from my Grandmother (another amazing dressmaker). The process, the craftmanship, handling the fabrics, working through the challenges, seeing my skills get better and better... I was hooked! In ten years, my sewing machine has never been put away."


"There is something special about losing yourself in the moment, when you are sewing, that is addictive. The combination of creativity and concentration, plus the satisfaction of making something, and if you choose to then give the item as a gift, it just amplifies all that happiness!"


We can teach you how to become addicted too.