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Q - Do I have to bring my own sewing machine?

A - No need, Thread Den has 8 beautiful Janome My Excel 18w machines that you will learn on. If you want to bring your own machine, we recommend you bring it along to the week 3 workshop.


Q - How many people are in a class?

A - 8.


Q - What happens if I miss week 1?

A - Our classes usually sold out, therefore it is not possible to slot you into another class. If you can't make your week 1 class, it will be necessary to do a private lesson before your week 2 workshop. We can cover the essentials one-on-one in a one hour private lesson - click here for prices.


Q - What happens if I miss my week 2 workshop?

A - If you miss week 2, still attend your week 3 class. You'll learn about zips in week 2 and as there are no zips in the week 3 bag pattern, you will be fine to still make it.


Q - What if I want to reschedule to another set of dates?

A - Our usual Bookings & Cancellations Policy would apply and depending on how much notice you give, administration fees apply.


Q - Can I do my week 1 from one course set of dates and weeks 2 and 3 from another again?

A - No.


Q - When are classes held?

A - If scheduled on weekdays, they take place from 6pm to 9pm. On the weekends, classes are either 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm.


Q - I have some sewing experience should I do this course?

A - What we suggest, is if you are having any annoying issues like a bird's nest of threads occuring on the wrong side of you sewing or the machine jamming on you, then yes. We will be able to sort out these and you'll have lots of "aha" moments.


Q - Can I make something else in this course?

A - No. These classes are run to a plan that we have designed and refined over 7 years so that 8 people can successfully learn together over the 3 sessions.


Q - Do I bring my own equipment or sewing kit?

A - No, we have everything here, but you are welcome to if you have a kit you love.


Q - Do I need to buy fabric or anything extra?

A - Yes, each class description lists what supplies are necessary for that class. These supplies are also available for sale at Thread Den.


Q - Can I buy the same machine that I learnt on at Thread Den?

A - YES. You have been sewing on a Janome My Excel 18w. Pop along to Statewide Sewing Centres and let them know that you have been learning at Thread Den. They always have the 18w for $399 and have a free gift for Thread Den students!



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